by the Lambta Da's

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released September 15, 2015



all rights reserved


the Lambta Da's regina, Saskatchewan

The music's expression is paradoxically less solar and extraverted than the character of the seasons would lead us to believe. More than strength or richness there is an intensity, a sensation replete with freshness and firmness, which is remarkable. This deep and confident presence that persists over time becomes the memory of the music, possibly for always. ... more

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Track Name: LIKE A GHOST
i find it strange that you think its alright
that i hold myself up to such unreachable heights
when i'm not the man that i used to be
i'm in shit times and thats all i can see
but then you tell me everything will be ok
i'm growing tired but you still love me anyway
this year's been rough i can only hope the next will change
you say have hope but hope for me's just not the same
when i'm alone i feel like disappearing
i know your here but your no-where near me
i try and hide it but you know it the most
i'm walking through life like a ghost
just waiting for this body to die
i'm waiting for my body to die
i'm waiting for my body to die
this year's been rough i can only hope the next will change
in an instant, a split second
the eye of the storm held our new baby born
like a question
looming over us, with clouds dark and grey
does the crib get torn down spreading paint chips around
or is it left to stay
how do you cope
lord only knows
how i'm trying to
in an instant, in no moments notice
what we took for granted was lifted unhanded
right before us
i have resorted, i've gotten spiritual
i fell on my knees and i begged the lord please
for a miracle
we were drinking peach chardonnay
kicking baby names around
holding hand in the cemetery
with our ears to the ground
taunting the gods with our adolescence
like skeletons riding bicycles
with ripped jeans and your summer dress
we were a mess acting out funerals
and honestly what the hell were we thinking
i was drinking straight tanqueray
in a full length floral dress
sent home in the back of a cab
with some bills shoved in my bra i was such a mess
i need to get my shit together
i need to get my life on track
i need find a girl to call my own
i dont my old one is coming back
and honestly what the hell was i thinking
i followed you through the bookstore
but you came on to me
i am a sucker for bookworms
now did i love you or did i love thee
did i love you or did i love thee
did i love you or did i love thee idea
of being in love, intellectually
of being in love, intellectually
what the hell have i been thinking
what the hell have i been thinking
when your asked to whisper love, you get bitterly cold
your tired of you and me, you say my hands look old
the magazines you read, praise electronic clout
you'll be flipping through the old ones, when the power goes out
its like you always said
your often glanced but never read
they're numb and dumb you wrote
condensed to form but not a quote
miss typewriter
when the future catches up, and your tired of being smart
you'll realize that there's nothing, that tells you apart
from the version you act, a perversion of art
from the person you are, ignoring your heart
the wincing you have, from the headaches and such
fake limps and pain, sympathy from a crutch
recognition i guess, do they realize it when
they get viewed from the views, of miscellaneous friends
Track Name: A BLIND EYE (to the call to arms)
most days i turn a blind eye
from the call to arms
skip the articles until i
find one thats fluff without alarms
i'm turning into a cynic
refuse to contemplate
i'll acknowledge that we're in it
but laziness is trumping change
suddenly the flood plains have changed
subtly erased or rearranged
to the shit
that i've
heard we're in
i'm trying not to notice
that we're not alright
if it gets unnoticed
then it will slip our minds
cathedral morning bells give me heartache
for my city
emotions bound to swell unpacking jackets
you say its fitting
our summer tunnels fell come fall and quickly
aint it a pity
i try and take it well accept the cycle
except its shitty
the space heaters full blown, and i'm exhausted
the space heaters full blown, and i'm exhausted
the space heaters full blown yet i'm still cold
with new car made road lines and ruts that guide you
i'm second guessing
when streets turn sheets of ice i cross my fingers
and count my blessings
pray the sun will shine though overcast skies
seem everlasting
cathedral winter nights give me heartache
and seem never ending
if you could move away
would you pack bags or would you stay
or buy a ticket to mexico
africa, cuba, or puerto rico
doesnt that sound nice
lazy days and lazy nights
cathedral morning bells