by the Lambta Da's

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released June 29, 2015



all rights reserved


the Lambta Da's regina, Saskatchewan

The music's expression is paradoxically less solar and extraverted than the character of the seasons would lead us to believe. More than strength or richness there is an intensity, a sensation replete with freshness and firmness, which is remarkable. This deep and confident presence that persists over time becomes the memory of the music, possibly for always. ... more

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Track Name: A VHS
i found a vhs, of us when we were kids
the tape it doesnt lie, i was a little shit
maybe 9 or 10, i could barely watch
i kept thinking what, must have my parents thought
and i felt bad
for what i put them through
my babies are growing, up too
my babies are growing,
someday they'll put me through it too
i started adding up, the memories i had
of being dumb and fucking up
disapointing mom and dad
by the end the list was long
probably more that i forgot
i kept thinking what, must have my parents thought
and i felt bad
for what i put them through
a miracle, full of regrets
i miss them and then they all went back to the present
what if we discover problems
tell me we can solve them
and right the ship
course correction it
is there something that i should look for
should you be talking more
or know more words
count to five or walk backwards
somedays i think i should not worry
you'll grow up whats the hurry
other days though its not fair
i cant help but to compare
you to boys with curly hair
i should quit trying to write more piano songs
and hold you tight in my arms
and teach you how to read
but your watching the t.v.
while i fumble round the keys
i'm only sick, i'm only sick and tired
of hearing sad songs sung
when they are not mine
i am fine, hearing myself whine
bicker and moan about being sad
or being alone
i'm in a bad, a bad state of mind
deflecting blame onto you, how cruel
there goes our night
now picture this, i'll wake up and be fine
i'll have changed better from worse
but now i've a headache from wine
even this,
everything, expires
even this, subsides
there's no need for clothes pristine and new
as a father of two and married four years
who do i need to impress with how that i dress
family or peers
no one will say a thing if i disheveled looking
like everyone else
so it goes unsaid i blend in instead of standing out
black cardigan, buttoned shirt tucked in
old dirty shoes
jeans no too tight i disappoint my wife
she says they're fashion blues
old men that dont act their age seem so vain
holding onto their youth
but i guess if its their prerogitive
to look like a high school kid
they've got the fashion blues
old faded and worn, ripped and or torn
the clothes that i'm in
but our front yard lawn
which we dont use that much
is always raked and cut
its in pristine condition
Track Name: GHOST EYES
when you sing the sun refused to shine
i know your listening to zeppelin and drinking sherry wine
when you stumble through the halls
are you looking for a lover or just trying not to fall
how could it get much worse
you havent slept from waking up and your head already hurts
you've got those old ghost eyes
haunting and cold
who you running from
someone that i know or just someone
are you the girl you thought
you'd wanna be when you were young the older that you got
you lit the fire to burn the bridge
you said your still in your bearing years
and you dont want kids
love is like a curse when you embellish it at first
we tried hard but it wasnt there like imaginary prairie airs
sleepless nights as we both held eachother close
i love your ghostly eyes they remind me of mine
you sing your prayers out in the dark
over 5/4 time drums you call your gospel songs an art
you'll record them all someday
indie rock and jesus christ feedback when you pray
but the refrain sounds just like the verse
the needle hit you vein and your singing cant get worse
Track Name: GIVING LIP
look in the mirror, take one thing off
dont go beyond the edges your allowed a few dots
it emphasizes, your mouth sing soul
powerfully modern but it applies to the old
giving lip
under appreciated
styled and photographed
trying hard not to laugh
now more than ever, the adage applies
a hint of shadow and nothing more than your eyes
seeing skins real texture, debuting for spring
look in the mirror you've taken off everything
i'm too old for good or bad advice
criticism whether mean or nice
you could say that i am stuck in my ways
as i should be now that my hairs are grey
salt and pepper my grandpa would say
how do you like them apples, anyway
i'm getting off track as i think about
my grandparents and how i miss them now
the things i've seen
places i've been
oh god i hope my brain will keep remembering
sometime i wanna go and knock on doors
of places that i used to live in before
see if i remember them correctly
but i'm not betting on my memory
whatever happened to my old roomates
tracy and ryan from the bingo days
i'm getting off track as i think about
my old friends and how i miss them now
will i ever see a magazine
and not imagine what it could have been
with tape and scissors and some coloured ink
everything including the kitchen sink
i used to put paper on ohans walls
and after shows i'd go and talk to paul
i'm getting off track as i think about
my old job and how i miss it now
Track Name: MIX
pardon me's
from the good natured robot
dark eyes teasing and adoring vanity
aroused from borrowing loans
pretending to have eccentricities
one day we'll all just mix
and we'll forget who we were
and we'll forget a him or a her
amateurs playing lovers
wasting precious time on romance
commuters compare their vast amounts of antiques
abnormally large impulsive ignorance
Track Name: NUDE RUN
Track Name: PRISTINE
fishing for compliments affection and more
or less of a routine, if we could restore
impulsiveness and whims without a second thought
the firecrackers lit, i'm waiting them to go off
why not jump up and down and all around
act like a kid, and make weird sounds
fidget with your hands and play in the dirt
roll around on the floor, and take off our shirts
we're pristine pulling back
the curtains we put up
not reclusive anymore
i think the golden years are showing up
lets put on tunes surf guitars
ride bikes to the beach
but the trip is too far
we're landlocked and safe
from big waves and from rain
but boy it gets cold
and oh how we complain
in a fine groove in a smooth streak
i think regret has run its course
in tight lock in a full on stride
i think i can swim from shore to shore
Track Name: RECORDS
stretching out in sundays best
will you ever wear your birthday dress
or should i just resign to your chosen attire
neglect old dreams as just teenage desire
i miss the records that i've owned
now they're lost or stolen
dabbled in what i thought was poetry
stoned in headphones hifidelity
i miss the record that i've owned
now they're scratched or broken
talk people out of talking bad
about people behind their backs
or else they might start talking bout you
is it habit toxic routine
the girls you know they seem
to be vicious also quite cruel
i am on your side
if your stressing i will lend an ear
tell me all your fears get off you chest
what you need to vent
talk people out of talking bad
about people behind their backs
or else you could start talking bad bout them
talk people out of talking bad
about people behind their backs
or else you could start talking bad bout them